Disquiet Junto 0257 Remember Noisevember

The Junto this week looked like a process, with this image:

It brought to mind Stuart Hall's influential essay Encoding, decoding and I set about recording myself reading the introduction.

Then I took my voiceover into Ableton Live, where I had it encode a simple part played by the Massive VST synth using the Vocoder effect.

To keep it interesting I added bass and drums that were recorded late last year.

Selected Ambient Covers Vol. II

Unsound Unsound review

Revisited this RealTime review of Unsound 2006 earlier today and was stung again, nearly a decade later, by this line:
First stop is an inspection of Alan Lamb’s aeolian harp at the Pindari property; although this work is heard to much better affect aboard the Loco Motivus when we listen remotely by CB radio to a live wind-and-wire broadcast. 
 As you can see in the video below, it wasn't the wind playing 'the wires', it was my partner Jo and I.

Disquiet Junto 0029 Count Zero

When I first joined the Junto mailing list, it took a few turns before I joined in.

Elsewhere there's a track where I misread the instructions and made a song from a book. This project was one where I wondered if I'd drifted too far from the Junto instruction for the sound of running water to be present.

It's another track made from Mountford Park and I was thinking of it after the Junto this week.

Today, while looking through old files, I found this video I'd made while manipulating the recordings in Live.

In hindsight it's interesting I'd explored making a video for the Junto back at number 29. It wouldn't be until number 101 that I returned to that medium, more than a year later.

Disquiet Junto 0256 Music in Place

The goal of the Junto project this week is to record a piece in place using only sounds from that place. It's an idea I've explored in my "Parktronica" and it was in reflecting on previous recordings that I concluded it should be Mountford Park.

Mountford Park is central to the town of Leeton and I've recorded it many times before. For example, in the video above you can see the playground before they replaced the large slide with the flying fox in the video below.

Mountford Park playground was also where I screened results from my remixes of Leeton playgrounds and it was then that I appreciated the bells of the churches ringing from different directions.

Today I took my Nikon camera to the outdoor stage but wasn't quick enough to get the start of the Anglican church bells. It's more pronounced when the Catholic church bells start ringing. Similarly, it's more noticeable when the Iris 2 part starts using the Catholic church bell than when an earlier part uses the Anglican church bell.

In addition to the two Iris 2 parts, there are two loops. During the first bells there's a passing car that's looped, giving a rising and falling that I feel like a kettle drum. It continues throughout, as well as another after the bells finish chiming and also has a car rumble.

And around again

Put a 909 behind the song I recorded earlier on the electric ukulele. Then I added the Monark part in Live using the computer keyboard.

Having a roll