Disquiet Junto 0294 Offline Status

The Disquiet Junto this week continued remembering Bassel Khartabil, a Creative Commons web developer who was killed by the Syrian government in 2015.

Black Sabbath matters

Naviarhaiku189 – Verdant town of trees

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week is by Narrandera Library manager Sue Killham, who has supported workshops I've held at that venue.

My response aims to sound busy, as the town Narrandera has a wide river flowing past and is on the junction of two highways. It's no coincidence roads follow rivers, as I learned developing a soundtrack to the Reimagining the Murrumbidgee exhibition in 2013.

The result hopes to sound like a jazz sextet with double bass, percussion, drums, clarinet and flute. The video, my 65th responding to Naviar haikus, doesn't present verdant trees because the blossoms of the wattle are much more eye-catching as they announce that spring is on its way.

Disquiet Junto 0293 Emerge/Immerse

Not sure I paid enough attention to the Junto instructions to: "record a short piece of music, up to two minutes, that is about something emerging — something being brought to life, or coming out of a cave, or otherwise coming into being."

My track brings into being a chord progression I've been playing over the last few days.

I've used the Rhodes-style instrument with the MIDI guitar and kept the guitar part too.

It was recorded quickly and you can see at least one edit in the video.

Naviarhaiku188 - A sepia wash

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week is one of mine.

I've been writing a haiku each day during 2017 and this was from the coldest morning of winter.

The photo was taken as I stopped outside Narrandera on the way to a meeting near the Murray River.

My track uses a Rhodes-style keyboard for a sepia wash and I've kept the vibe mellow because that's how Naviar roll.

Disquiet Junto 0292 Eclipse Music

The Disquiet Junto this week asks musicians to ponder the solar eclipse occurring in the US on 21 August.

I've only seen lunar eclipses, so I pondered the majesty of a solar eclipse for a while and then set about finding ideas on the guitar.

It took a little while and then I worked to record my part before dinner.

There was only time for a single take and at first I thought I'd need to return and record another, but I decided to use the MIDI recording rather than the electric guitar.

Marimba is an instrument that appeals to me for its percussive quality but the low E of the guitar only triggers a few sampled instruments, so I've used tuba and double bass.

There's also bowed vibraphone in the mix, adding resonance in the higher frequencies.

Led Zeppelin primer

Daniel Levitin on composers

“It’s the job of the composer to bring us pleasure through choices we didn’t expect.”